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by drlehrman on March 11, 2012

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Review sites that claim to have unbiased guitar lesson reviews are a dime a dozen. And, just because they look cool and say a lot of stuff people want to hear, how do you know you can trust the site and reviews? Is the reviewer qualified, or making stuff up to sell products?

I don’t just review, I study each course in depth. I have a college music education and am a guitar student in general. So I know exactly what it takes to be a good effective teacher. Leading you to the best beginner guitar lessons online, available at an affordable price. Beginner meaning any age. Adults, teenagers, kids and children. Each age group has different needs as a beginner. An adult does not want to be treated like a child.

If you are serious about how to play guitar for beginners, then each affiliate has a program or course to suit your personal needs. From learning style, to exactly what you want to learn. Maybe some easy guitar songs, or some easy chords for small hands. Reading honest reviews relieves the worry’s of wasting money or time. We buy the courses with our own money.

The other misnomer is that you can’t get the type of personal instruction online that you may get in private settings. That is totally false. With the quality of teachers and online technology, nothing could be further than the truth. In fact, one of my music courses at the college is an online class.

There is no need to wait. You waited to long. Forget driving to the teacher. Forget the hassle, forget the time wasted, and remember, you can review or retake your online lesson as many times as you want to. Not wait a week to see your teacher again.

Needless to say then, that to trust the reviewer is of utmost importance. The truth is that you absolutely need to read each understandable yet detailed guitar lesson review in order to make a decision. An educated consumer makes the best decisions. Read the blog, you will be impressed  with what it has to say.




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Auth May 30, 2012 at 2:39 PM

If it’s 1 on 1 training, then it’s going to be more epnvxsiee. I use to pay $35 per session, which was 50 minutes each. It was with an experienced musician, with a degree from Berklee school of music. His dad is actually a very famous guitar player, and he himself has played concerts with his dad, and other musicians like Eddie Money. I’ve seen guitar players charge $45-$70/hr, and these aren’t guys with any professional training.I would make sure he knows what he’s doing. He should provide her with lessons and tab/sheet music. Just because he’s a good guitar player, doesn’t mean he’s a good teacher but it also doesn’t mean that he will be bad at it either. For the most part, I’m sure he’ll be able to give her some tips and get her started off in the right direction.So, if there is no other guitar teacher within 60 miles of you, then make sure you ask the guy what he wants to get paid. If it’s not worth it to him and he starts flaking on you or your daughter doesn’t seem to improve at all, then it’s time to get some video’s and lesson books and learn on your own.Anyways, $45/hr wouldn’t be a bad rate. Remember, if it’s only $15/hr and he gives her a lesson once a week, then it may not be worth his time I wouldn’t do it for $15 a week. BUT, if he has plans to give lessons in big groups, then that would be fine. I was getting charged $150 when I first started, and it was a group of 4 kids. I got 4 lessons per month for 1 hr per lesson so that was pretty epnvxsiee.


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