Online Guitar Lessons are the BEST Solution

by drlehrman on August 1, 2011

in Online Guitar Lessons

I get asked the question all the time if I can give one or two guitar lessons out so someone can learn a song. I can’t really believe it when I get asked a question like that. Like, the guitar is so easy to learn to play that anyone can just pick up a guitar and take a few arbitrarily chosen online guitar programs, as opposed to the BEST online guitar lessons and become a good guitar player.

The guitar is the easiest instrument to learn to play poorly. It’s the most difficult instrument to learn to play properly. So, when I get asked the above question, I usually say something like, no. Of course the person who asked, perhaps a friend, is surprised. “What?”, is usually what they say first. I don’t take that question lightly. I worked for a long time to develop my chops.

Non of it was easy. It was all fun though. I continue to learn my guitar lessons and put them to good use 6 out of 7 days a week. I’m not saying everyone needs to embrace my thinking patterns 100%. To be honest, it was fun in the beginning, but a bit slow. I learned later on that my private guitar tutor was only average at best, but charged premium prices none the less.

He taught me some very valuable stuff. Nothing that I would not have learned online though. Online guitar lessons are the BEST solution because they are inexpensive. That is a good start, but are they good? And why?

Yes, they are affordable, regardless of your decision to buy either video guitar lessons and pay less than 20 dollars a month to learn guitar, or decide that DVD guitar lessons are in your best interests. Try GuitarPlayersCenter, the BEST online guitar lessons reviews-resource, recommending unbiased Video and DVD guitar lessons reviewed by myself, so you can make a wise decision.

They are good for a few reasons. What if you forget some of your guitar lesson once you get home, after you have to drive to your tutor, on a weekly basis?  You have to wait a whole week to take the lessons again, or part of the lesson again. If you have it on Video, or DVD, then you can take the particular lesson you are on, as slow as fast as you want to, or, over and over. For no extra cost. Wow.

The $20.00 or less per month on video online guitar lessons, or the one time fee for DVD online guitar lessons makes it fun and effective to learn guitar at home with a quality self study guitar program at a fraction of taking restrictive highly expensive private lessons from a narrow amount of qualified teachers.




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