Avalon Lipo And Aesthetics

Avalon Lipo And Aesthetics is comprised of a team of healthcare professionals that are knowledgeable and well-trained experts. These individuals are dedicated in assisting their patients in achieving a body that they are satisfied with.

This team of highly trained professionals is head up by a cosmetic surgeon who is well-recognized and well established by the name of Dr. Reza Tirgari in San Diego. Avalon Lipo And Aesthetics specialized in administering several liposuction procedures one of which is known as SmartLipo. Dr. Tirgari comes highly recommended by colleagues and patients due to the fantastic results many of his past patients have experienced. Due to his expertise he is often featured in a number of national and local media outlets.

Dr. Tirgari is a graduate with a double-board certification that he received from the University Of Maryland. Over and above his knowledge in the art of performing different types of liposuction surgery, he has also received direct training from the founder of what was first known as the Tumescent Liposuction technique that now goes by the name of Smart Lipo.

This clinic comes with outstanding expertise accompanied by a phenomenal level in professionalism. This offers a way for patients to enjoy the best care when undergoing such treatments. Dr. Tirgari known as the head cosmetic surgeon is accompanied by a team that consists of extremely hardworking front-office staff, patient coordinators, surgical assistants and clinical nurses.

Smart Lipo

This procedure is aimed at individuals who once had a good-figure and are now struggling to shake off stored fat on particular areas of the body. This is because the procedure involves removing fat deposits that are resistant to exercise and dieting. Smart Lipo is associated with being one of the more favorable liposuction procedures today due to its numerous benefits when compared to traditional methods.

Laser Liposuction

Many individuals compare liposuction today as a way to “melt your fat away.” This is due to that that laser that is used causes the fat cells to burst and then liquefy into an oily substance before it is suctioned out using a cannula. This procedure is ideal for getting rid of the fat deposits in areas such as the love handles and flabby arms.

Tumescent Liposuction

For those individuals that have experienced drastic weight gain or have consistently struggled with deposits of fat on particular areas it has always been advisable to exercise and eat a balanced-diet. However, some are genetically predisposed when it comes to storing fat on specific areas of the body. When fat storage is due to genetics no types of exercise or dieting will be effective to get rid of fat in these areas. This was the goal behind Tumescent Liposuction to assist patients with these particular issues.

Tumescent Liposuction involves lidocaine a type of local anesthesia to perform these procedures. This liposuction procedure has become one of the most popular choices because it offers the right amount of numbness needed in the targeted area. Other features of this advanced liposuction procedure include a decrease in complications that can occur after surgery along with a reduction in downtime when compared to general anesthesia.