Ibogaine Treatment Costs

While Ibogaine Treatment Costs Are High, The Do Work Well According To Research

There are plenty of people addicted to all kinds of substances in the US, and throughout the world. Just alcohol, heroin, cocaine, and prescription drugs are enough to have ruined the lives of a huge percentage of people. One of the biggest problems with some of the treatment methods is that they don’t really treat the addiction, they just replace it with another one that isn’t quite as bad. While this can serve to help the heroin addict return to work and life as usual, it doesn’t ever end the dependency on drugs, and during a time of weakness, the addict can return to heroin easily.

There Are Other Substances That May Interrupt The Dependency

Over the years, there have been many different methods to help addicts of all types end their dependencies, but very few have been effective over the long term. There is one such treatment that shows more promise, it’s a derivative of a plant found in Africa called Tabernanthe iboga, and the substance in the plant is called Ibogaine.

This naturally occurring alkaloid works differently than most drugs in that instead of replacing the drug with another, it interrupts the mechanism in the body to stop the cravings and highs. It usually only needs to be taken one time to be effective.

That is in stark contrast to many opiate replacement therapies that will require the addict to continue taking the replacement drug for life, or at least an incredibly long time. If the replacement drug is stopped, the cravings return immediately and the addict seeks the heroin to alleviate them.

The other unique thing about Ibogaine is that it not only works on heroin and other opiate related drugs, but also on alcoholism, cocaine addiction, methamphetamines, and many prescription drugs as well.

Unfortunately, it only has a 10% long term success rate in the research available online, but that is far higher than many other long term programs, and since it’s a single dose that lasts about 3-6 months, subsequent doses could be used to extend the effectiveness.

Currently, The Treatments Are Only Available Outside The US

The FDA has classified the Ibogaine alkaloid as being a schedule 1 illegal drug and it’s not even allowed to be investigated by researchers at the moment. It does have some hallucinogenic properties, but nothing as strong as LSD, according to researchers.

The closest treatment centers that use this alkaloid are located in Mexico, where ibogaine treatment cost is about $10,000 according to some reports. Many of the online resources for these treatment centers don’t give a price up front, which can seem a little bit suspicious.

With some careful research online it is possible to find ibogaine treatment costs as low as $1,800 per week of treatment. The same website also has longer term treatments available for $3,500 per month that include a complete holistic approach to addictions.

One of the hardest things to know is how effective the treatments are and whether they worked for everyone or just a few of the clients. If you are considering entering one of these treatment centers it would be a good idea to read as many customer reviews as you can find to see how happy their clients are after they’ve been treated and left the clinic.