How Can You Benefit From Natural Skincare?

Going all natural in skincare seems to be the current rage. But is natural skincare really that much better for you and what are the benefits?

1. Free From Harmful Chemicals

Current research has concluded that most of the synthetic or man-made additives in skincare products have mild to severe health risks for users. These are normally in the form of preservatives but can also be fragrances, artificial color and even flavors.

Natural products should not contain ANY synthetic, artificial or man-made ingredients whatsoever. Only naturally sourced, grown or produced ingredients should be used in the manufacturing process.

The benefit to you? You can prevent certain illnesses, ailments and health conditions associated with harmful artificial additives.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Just like synthetic ingredients are harmful to your health, they impact the environment negatively. The harmful chemicals contaminate the water, air and earth through the manufacturing process and while you are using them.

The benefit to you? You get to lower your personal impact on the environment.

However, it must be stressed that agricultural production of the ingredients contained in natural beauty products could still impact the environment unless the preclude the use of pesticides, herbicides and are grown in an environmentally sustainable manner. Organic skincare products have an even lower environmental impact.

3. Hypoallergenic

Naturally sourced ingredients are less likely to cause allergic responses such as skin sensitivity, rash, irritation, burning, itching, pimples, eczema, etc. However, be aware that it is only less likely to cause an allergic reaction than synthetically manufactured skincare products. You may still have an allergic reaction to one or more of the natural ingredients.

The benefit to you? You are less likely to experience any negative side effects from using natural skincare products.

4. The Fragrance

Just because natural beauty products don’t contain artificial fragrances doesn’t mean that they don’t need to smell good. Essential oils or extracts from natural plant or flower sources are used to scent these types of products. These essential oils contain a number of different health and aromatherapy benefits that synthetic fragrances do not.

The benefit to you? You are not only eliminating the negative effects of artificial fragrances but get the advantage of the therapeutic benefits of natural scents.

5. Detox

Unlike man-made skincare products that add toxins to the body, natural ingredients help eliminate toxins in the body. Many of the natural ingredients used in natural beauty products help detox the skin and body.

The benefit to you? You have healthier, glowing skin that is free of toxic chemicals.

6. Anti-ageing

Synthetic ingredients increase the release of free radicals in the body which results in oxidation that is responsible for ageing. Natural skincare products on the other hand have anti-oxidant properties that decreases oxidation and therefore reduces and slows the signs of ageing.

The benefit to you? You get to look younger for longer.

With all these definitive and conclusive benefits, it isn’t really surprising that more and more people are changing to and using only natural skincare products.