Spa Beauty Treatments

Homemade Spa Beauty Treatments For An Afternoon Of Easy, Affordable Luxury

The most nourishing and luxurious spa beauty treatments are those that are made with all natural ingredients. That’s why it’s so easy to turn your own bathroom into a spa affordably with the items you can find in your refrigerator and your kitchen cupboards. In this article, we will discuss some of the easy and luxurious spa treatments you can make at home. Read on to learn more.

Enjoy A Glowing Complexion And Beautiful Hair With These Smart, Natural Ideas!

You can give yourself the gift of an all over skin treatment with this series of all natural beauty treatments. Begin by relaxing with a luxurious facial mask a cup of tea, glass of wine or glass of pure filtered water and 15 or 20 minutes of your favorite music. To make the mask, follow these instructions:

In a bowl or in your blender combine 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt, a tablespoon of olive oil, a tablespoon of honey, a ripe banana and the flesh of a ripe avocado. Apply this mixture to your clean face and throat then simply rest, relax and listen to music with your eyes closed for 15 or 20 minutes. You may want to place slices of cucumber or chilled, used chamomile tea bags over your eyes to tone and refresh the skin around your eyes. When the time is up, rinse your face with cool water and proceed to your bath.

If you wish, you can deep condition your hair while you bathe. Massage plain mayonnaise into your hair and scalp and wrap your head in a towel.

For a relaxing bath experience that moisturizes and soothes dry skin, prepare a large sachet of oatmeal in advance. This is very simple to do. Just pour about a cup of old fashioned oatmeal into a sock or stocking that you don’t mind discarding. Tie it up so that none of the oats can escape, and toss it into the bath as it is running. The water should be at the temperature that is most comfortable to you. Soak for about half an hour and then scrub all over with a homemade scrub of brown sugar and almond or coconut oil.

Get out of the tub and drain it and turn on the shower to rinse out the oil and sugar residue. Step into the shower and wash your hair as usual. Rinse your body and gradually turn the shower temperature to cool or lukewarm, whichever is most comfortable for you. This will cool and refresh your skin, tighten your pores and close the cuticle of your hair shafts to leave your hair smooth and shiny.

When you’ve completed your all natural homemade spa beauty treatments, take some time to rest and relax. Be sure to give yourself an all over massage with natural coconut oil: you can even use it on your face. Put on a comfy terry cloth robe and wrap your damp hair in a towel. Rest and listen to music, watch a movie, read or simply nap for a while.

Treating yourself to this luxurious, quality time will leave you feeling rested, refreshed and ready for whatever happy adventure life has in store for you.